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          ***BREAKING NEWS***

Come join us October 9 - 10. The NAPUS/LEAGUE organizations have teamed up to host a Career Education Conference. See the training tab for more information.

          ***Notes from our IL NAPUS President***

Opportunities for Part-Time Postmasters Outlined (taken from the League website)

The Postal Service has provided NAPUS and the League a letter that will be sent to part-time Postmasters outlining the policy concerning termination of saved hourly pay and opportunities for part-time Postmasters in remotely managed post offices (RMPOs) to be assigned to Level-6 career clerk craft positions in their offices. This is the latest information from Postal Headquarters and differs from previous information provided and posted on the NAPUS website concerning part-time Postmasters.

In accordance with the MOU dated Sept. 22, 2014, regarding POStPlan, part-time Postmasters who occupy Level-6 positions in RMPOs will be offered the opportunity to be assigned to Level-6 full-time clerk positions in their offices.

Postmasters who accept this opportunity will receive a promotional salary increase of 5 percent. If the salary calculation is above the maximum step of the appropriate salary schedule, the salary will be placed at the top step ($27.30 per hour) of a Level-6. If the salary calculation is not above the maximum, the resulting salary will be slotted into either PS Schedule 2 or PS Level 3, depending on the career appointment date.

Postmasters who accept an assignment as a career clerk will have their annual leave carryover reduced to the bargaining-unit ceiling of 440 hours. Employees will be allowed to use the hours in excess of the reduced ceiling during the balance of the 2016 leave year.

Postmasters who accept an assignment as a career clerk and have earned a Pay for Performance (PFP) award for FY16 will be paid a lump sum on Jan. 27, 2017. Postmasters who remain in their positions will have any applicable PFP percentage applied to their hourly rates of pay. Part-time Postmasters who have separated after Sept. 30, 2016, and before the effective date of payment on Jan. 7, 2016, will have their PFP checks sent to the employing office.

Click to read full text of the letter.

         Part Time Postmasters Pay Changes,
                   Conversion Option

The following information concerning changes in pay for part time Postmasters and their option to convert to a clerk position was received from Labor Relations at Postal Headquarters.

Effective October 01, 2016, saved hourly pay for Part-Time Postmasters will expire and hourly rates will be reduced to the current maximum hourly rate of $19.39. Part-Time Postmasters with a current salary of $19.39 per hour or below will retain their hourly rate. Part-Time Postmasters with conditional DUO salary protection will continue to receive salary protection.

Postmasters in Remotely Managed Post Offices (RMPO) will be offered the opportunity to convert to a full-time clerk duty assignment within the office. The assignment may be a Traditional or Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignment and determined by the Postal Service.

Postmasters who elect to convert to a full-time clerk duty assignment and have performed prior service in an equivalent bargaining unit grade will have hourly salaries established by placing the employees in the step determined as if service had been continuous in the equivalent bargaining unit grade.

Postmasters who elect to convert to a full-time clerk duty assignment and have not performed prior service in an equivalent bargaining unit will have salaries established in accordance with the following two categories:

If an employee's enter on duty (EOD) date is prior to May 23, 2011(PS Schedule 2), the employee will be placed in PS 6, Step A with an hourly rate of $21.06.

If an employee's enter on duty (EOD) date is May 23, 2011 or after (PS Schedule 3), the employee will be placed in PS 6, Step FF with an hourly rate of $18.39.



The national NAPUS website needs to be your first source of information during the drastic processes that are currently taking place. Information is changing continuously, and NAPUS leaders have promised to keep members informed with factual information as it is available. NAPUS is committed to presenting the facts quickly, without putting out information that later may need to be retracted because of accuracy. Go to for the most current facts.





Illinois NAPUS is currently seeking Postmasters who would be willing to serve as PM Reps for their area.  If you are interested, please email or call Ruth Cauble.

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The objective of the Illinois NAPUS website is to make it an interactive site to be utilized by all the members of Illinois NAPUS.  Your views and suggestions are important and encouraged.  Please submit pictures and ideas to your webmaster.  With your active participation, the site will continue to grow into a useful tool of information about our organization.  You can make it a favorite place for all Illinois NAPUS members to visit frequently.


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